Tuesday, 17 May 2011

1973 Toile Final Evaluation

I was disappointed I didn't get to finish all of the buttons as I think this would have really completed the overall finish of the piece.
I was very happy with the quite neat silhouette of the toile and the subtle contrasts between fitting and volume which the calico shows nicely.
I think the pleats of the skirt look neat and follow on well from the line of the box pleats above. Despite taking me a very long time to get right I was pleased with the underskirt in the end.
This toile has been the most stressful of the four total pieces I have created for this unit. This was mainly down to the limited time in which I had to complete it, which in the end turned out to be only a week and a half, and also to it being the most decoratively complicated and only full toile. I have worked really hard to complete the toile to a neatly finished standard, with all the different design elements included, in the short period before hand-in and feel quite proud that I managed to achieve it.

I have had to use all my developed skills from the last few pieces to create this toile, including draping technique (from the previous two toiles), working under pressure (trying to keep to the set deadlines) and finishing to a high standard (National Theatre blouse). I think my development shows through in this piece and although I have tried to work to the best of my ability with each part of the unit I think this toile has shown and proved to myself what I can do under pressure and working with a tight time frame.

I think the overall silhouette is quite a good representation of the design, although on reflection I wish I had had more time to spend on getting the overhangs of the rouching, on the underskirt, more loose looking, as it was on the design. I think it has the right feel but in comparison does not match as well as the rest of the dress to the design. One of the key principles I have learnt from this piece is to give myself enough fabric to work with. I found my eagerness to form a shape lead me to cut off too much fabric, resulting in having to attach some when I want to change a shape dramatically. I think the decorative elements of this last toile really complete it and make it something I would be happy to present. I was particularly pleased with my decision to represent the mauve edging shown on the design with two lines of stitching. This wasn't a very time consuming process but is quite effective in representing its decorative attribute by exaggerating the changing hem line. 

Originally my intention was to attach fastenings to the toile to hold it shut, rather than pinning it. I inserted placket to one side, and then was going to have poppers to close it, however ran out of time. This is not how I would have finished the toile as a costume piece, I would have used eyelets and lacing as suggested by the pattern. However for the ease of presenting the piece and displaying it on the mannequin I was going to use poppers as they are quick to fasten. I had also brought and covered enough buttons to complete the decoration of the toile although I felt attaching all of these would not have been a good use if time in the end, and although it would have completed the look more fully, it was not necessary as they would not have demonstrated any developed skill. It is frustrating that I did not get to complete these last elements but as a whole I was happy with the piece 

Overall I was happy with this toile for the time frame in which I had, however I do feel that if I had more time to complete it I definitely could have improved it by taking more time on the hand stitching of the front panel and getting the drape of the underskirt right by changing the pattern and experimenting with different ways of getting the right drape using the tape. One of the defining elements of this last piece I have noticed is that I have developed much more ability to cope with stress, especially in the last few days.

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