Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Research Evaluation

As one of the aims I set myself in my brief was to develop my knowledge of the 19th Century,  I spent a lot of time conducting and gathering a large amount of research for this project, enough to create a large file of images and patterns. This was a very hand reference tool that I will keep it for future use and hopefully add to. Having the abundance of images was really helpful when it came to analysing undergarments in the costume store and seeing which would create the right shape for the period of my toiles. 
The days we spent looking at original 19th century garments at MoDip and The Hampshire Museum was fascinating, and although I don't think it will influence my pattern cutting directly, the reference images I have gained from it and being able too see first hand the different types of decoration and ways of construction I think was invaluable. They also have helped to increase my knowledge, especially with having such an interesting guide as the costume assistant at the Hampshire Museum who passed on lots of interesting and quirky facts about the period and the garment we saw. 
I think if I had more time I would have liked to go to a museum where the garments were on display on mannequins or models to get more silhouette shapes, with real garments, rather than just drawings, into my first hand research. It was hard to picture the fit of some of the bodices when they were lain flat and it would have been nice to see them in a more three-dimensional manner to be able to draw inspiration from when draping.

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